Picking up a sewage sample

Hi. I may be little stupid but i just cant figure a way how to pick up a sewage sample. i tried picking it up, using plastic bottle, glass bottle and empty canister. YOU CANT PICK UP A LIQUID! aaaaaaaaargh

Can you press e then the direction the sewage is in from your character? Similar to how you drink water from a pool or fill up a container from a pool.

Yes, and then comes the menu where i can choose what will i pick up. Then i choose a sewage sample, and it says “You can’t pick up a liquid!” when i try to pick it up.

Strange, I have no clue. I have never tried to do that before.

You can drink sewage from your hands (yes, I tried it. Next up is toxic dump sludge.)
Very simple. Hit , in the sewage, when it asks if you want to drink from your hands say (N)o and make sure you have an empty water-tight container. it’ll then drop to the inv screen for you to select a container.

[In case someone is wondering the same thing]

I was just stupid, solved it. You need to place the container, glass flask or plastic bottle on the counter next to the sewage pump and then use the computer console next to it and hack it and choose option divert sample. And then you get filled bottles of sewage samples on the counter. And more importantly mutations when you drink the good stuff.