I need water!

I’m standing in shallow water with a plastic bottle how do I fill it up? I really need a drink.

Press ‘g’ then the game will ask for a container. You can just press enter without picking a container and it will ask if you want to drink with your hands. So you can drink and fill the bottle for latter.

Edit: Also, if you stand next the deep water you can use ‘e’ too drink from it. Deep water has a lower chance of making you sick.

I tried pressing ‘g’ and nothing happens.

Oh, sorry, ‘g’ doesn’t work, use ‘e’.

Cool thanks for that the help instructions also say ‘g’ :slight_smile:

Yeah, the tutorial also still says ‘g’ (or ‘,’).

Just died but I lasted a bit longer once I managed to drink some water. Started a pretty big forest fire as I was chased by a wolf, think I died of blood loss from an earlier battle with a zombie. Perhaps a cause of death screen would be useful at the end.

Use “@” key to check for status ailments like bleeding, poisoned etc so that you react quicker and maybe save your ass to live another day.

Yeah, I would say if you haven’t tried the tutorial yet (unless it’s borked and I am unaware of it), it goes through basic interaction commands so they’re …actually basic instead of hard to guess at. Helped me a lot.

It probably was bleed-out, and in the future, you can go to your knife in inventory and (a)pply it, and pick 4 for cauterizing. Not a fun option, but a survivable one heh.

Yeah, I would not recommend the tutorial. I don’t think that thing has been updated since, well, at least since DDA started, maybe earlier than that too.