[0.9] Sewage transforms into the water

Take any canister and go in a subway.
Go to any sewage pool and try to fill the canister with the sewage. It magically transforms into the (not clean, though) water. You even can pour the water onto the ground - blue color and water object.

Any idea what happens when you try to get a sewage sample from the treatment plant?

This is intended, sewage is just very dirty water, with a very high chance of causing food poisoning.

You can certainly argue that this isn’t the right way to handle it, maybe we should have a sewage item that better represents it.

Well is there any difference between sewage from the sewers and sewage from the treatment plant?

The tiles? Nope.

If you fill a container with a ‘sewage sample’ at a pump underground though, that’s different.

I would think they’d be the same thing.

Sewage Sample is 25% chance of mutating you. 100% to vomit though. :wink: