Patient Records not in Hospital

I looked all around the hospital I spawned in for patient records and couldn’t find them anywhere. Granted part of it had collapsed but it wasn’t in the part of the hospital marked in the quest. Where is it supposed to spawn in a hospital?

The records you are looking for are non-unique,
and patient records really just come down to luck. The fact of the matter is that you don’t have to go to where the hospital is to find them. They can also spawn in doctor offices as well, and the hospital that is marked in the quest is really just the nearest hospital according to the npc you got the quest from.

TLDR; Bad luck bro. Try a doctor’s office.

It is not being spawned in hospitals, but you can occasionally find it in doctors office and veterinarian clinic.

I thought this could be a bug added while unhardcoding PR (, but it seems patient records didn’t spawn in hardcoded hospital either.

Ok, thanks for the heads up!

Not really sure what Im looking at. Does this mean that you fixed the hospitals? If so, thank you so much!

He’s saying he’s proposed changing the game’s files so that there will be bookcases in hospitals that have a 60% chance of spawning various medical related books, including patient records.

If I’m doing the math right, each book case that spawns items has about a 3% chance of spawning patient records and there’s 4 bookcases per hospital. That’s still about twice the rate as a doctor’s office which has 3 possible locations and a 40% chance of spawning an item at each location with the same probability of getting the patient records.

Of course, an early survivor can usually run through a doctor’s office without much difficulty, while hospitals can be challenging even through midgame. And this is only a proposed change. Still, it’s an improvement and will go in sooner or later.

Oh ok, thank you for clarifying.