I'm looking for a patient record

I’m looking for a patient record.

I traveled through field and forest, rested on abandoned campsite at night, sneaked by shocker brute and turrets, and finally arrived at the doctor’s office. Many zombies followed me through the window, and were impaled by knifespear. I searched through every table in every office, and all the lockers and racks, but did not find the patient record. There are four safes, though. I cracked one of them for several hours and did not succeed.

Did the doctors put their patient record in safe? Or there’s no such thing there at all?

Not usually - I’ve found one in a doctor’s office once or twice, but it’s very rare.

Hospitals always have one.

Yeah they might spawn in the doctor’s office. The safes contain uncommon drugs. Hold off on those until you have high mechanics skill or a jackhammer. Hospitals are your best bet for records.

It is a quest item. And the doctor office is where the asterisk is at. If I find another patient record, will that complete the quest?

I see a hospital within a day’s walk. That’s a tempting idea. Those sptters, though… I should not rush.

Good luck! Spitter don’t aim well. That or you wear rubber boots and gloves for them.

At the cost of 1/4 of legs, I retrieved the patient record for Joe Pettit. I asked him if he wanted to be my companion, and was refused, but he decided to travel with me anyway, when he saw my V6 bike. Joe wanted to see the FEMA camp, and a vehicle surely helps.

I have a book reader!

I wonder, however, if I do show him a FEMA camp, will he leave me. I guess there will be at least one season for me to brainwash him! Or learn all that can be learnt from book!

Hey @_k1,
Where in the hospital is it? I cleared one out and searched everywhere. I think it was supposed to be in the lobby area but couldn’t find it.

I didn’t see your reply until just now…

If I remembered correctly, it was not in the lobby. It was in one of the rooms with metal racks in the central part of the hospital.

I think the version of the game I had then was bugged and didn’t spawn one. I think it has been resolved since then but I’m not 100%.

It’s not a garanteed spawn. I don’t see it every time I visited a hospital.