I’ve never really found out about em or been willing to test since i started playing
Kept myself away from eating anything that wasn’t heat-treated. but i’ve had my doubts

Well, Can vegetables & fruits contain parasites?
or any raw food harvested from the wild.

In my experience unprepared/uncooked meats, potentially bones, and uncooked wild vegetables are the only real sources of parasites. Fruits and vegetables whether from the grocery store or picked straight from the tree/vine have been safe.

Untreated water can also carry parasites.

“Wild Vegetables” Are you referring to the comestible item called that or… everything that comes from foraging a bush/shrub? ( which is what i’ve always suspected of being referred to )

incase of #2 would the food you farm yourself / found planted in houses be safe aswell?

Specifically it refers to the food called ‘wild vegetables’. Things like acorns are safe to eat raw.

Garden/farm plants are also safe.

Well that’s quite a relief, tyvm for the quick response :slight_smile: