Parasite infection

I am pretty sure my biotic survivor has a parasite infection from drinking unsafe water, but since the start is winter, I can’t find any mugwort, and the nearby rural house didn’t have any anti parasite medicine,and the four house “village” has waaay too many zombies, is there any way to get anti parasite meds?

Last I know you can’t get parasites from drinking (unclean) water. Are you sure?

Depending on the type of parasite, there’s a chance that you can get rid of it by drinking bark tea, but it will need high cooking and survival skill and maybe (depending on your luck) more than one cup.

Unless changed, royal jelly used to heal everything, but it not easy to find or craft.

Royal jelly was nerfed to the point of absolute uselessness, so no luck there.

How do i get tanbark?

IIRC you have to activate oak tree to get it. Not sure if it works in winter, though.

[e]xamine a dark blackjack oak, if I remember right.

Just tested, it works in winter too (build 0.E-10804).

The blackjack oak is going to be your best bet. But, fwiw, the cureall effect that royal jelly used to have was not removed from the game. It was transferred to the panecea item, which can be found in labs.

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So Royal Jelly item is still in game but without the effects? So it is just food now? Recipe item?

Yes, it is still in the game and it is just an ordinary food item. The only remaining recipe that has royal jelly as an ingredient is royal beef.

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