Royal Jelly + Antiobitics Not Working

Got badly infected, did antibiotics every 12 hours and a couple royal jelly, but I still have a Pus wound, can’t eat/drink anymore. Guess I’m screwed? I even popped some gamma globulin. Why didn’t anything work?

From an other discussion:

What kind of antibiotics? There are weak and strong ones.
Also, unless changed, the recovering phase has the most severe effects of the infection on your body, so you might want to check if you’re not actually recovering… Seems that was fixed a while ago.

They were just called “antibiotics”, all I found at a doctors office, and that sucks that royal jelly doesn’t do anything anymore, needs to be updated then. I’ve never seen this panacea item.

Panacea spawns in labs, it’s a red pill that cures everything in vanilla and cures everything + heal all limbs in Aftershock.

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Antibiotics basically slow your infection’s progress and give you a better chance for your body to kill it off. Every so many hours you get a roll to beat it. This roll is affected by your hidden health stat, so that gamma globulin will help your odds, actually. You’ll just have to wait it out.
Also weed helps with nausea now, so it can help suppress the vomiting and stuff.

Ah, so a bit more like real life in some ways. So I beat the infection, but was “exhausted”, and my character passed out. And then slept for ~4 days, woke up once and immediately passed out. The exhausted status never changed to a less tired state, and I died, probably of starvation or dehydration, didn’t check. Kind of a piss off.

Looks like that tiredness-bug wasn’t fixed after all :neutral_face:


about Royal Jelly being nerfed down to the ground, i wish Royal jelly is changed into healthy snack like when you eat one, it will start regenerate your health and heal wounds very slowly (like maybe 1 point per 30 turns?) plus giving player certain amount of calorie and quench

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Maybe something like this would be more reasonable?

Royal Jelly (ingested):
Heals overall body parts 0.02 point value every 30 seconds; 5 Hour timer= 6 points by timer end.
(Does not stack the more you eat; Only extends timer by an extra 3 hours per portion consumed)

perfect! but i heard the build is currently under freeze phase for upcoming 0.F but i wish that is implemented into the build

Why would royal jelly heal you?? It’s just honey

Why did it heal us in the first place? I guess initial lore behind it was it was made by mutant bees, or something, and then it was retconned because whatever.

Got it in one. It was made by giant mutated bees, and had otherworldly properties. Honey IRL has antiseptic and antifungal properties, so it’s not unreasonable to suppose that superbees would amplify the effect.

I hope beehives get revisited, because it is an interesting, challenging site that’s gone from having one good reason to interact with it (sometimes in a panicked rush, desperately hoping to find royal jelly before infection, fungus, or bees kill you) to having no reason to interact with it.


That effect comes probably less from the honey itself, as from the trace amounts of propolis in it.
Maybe we should add in propolis as a low-chance anti-fungal/-biotic medication?

I concur with Mantar on this point and that is what I understood the RJ to be. Besides which, it could also have an equally low chance every 30 seconds to mitigate, slow or stop fungal/viral infections. That number I suggested is so low as to not unbalance the game in any way. But still provides a nice incentive to raid a mutant beehive.

If you happen to be in town and a house was taken over, it is up to the player how bad they want it like any other resource. It would not expire either. Forest hive of course as well.

make beehive interesting

Yes, go ahead making better location is always welcome

honey can cure stuff

No, honey is nice and all but that’s not a cure for anything, it’s just tasty.

If combined with bread it “cures” hunger and the desire of eating something sweet :grin: .

It does have a calming effect on bee stings, but - as far as I know - there’s not enough scientific evidence/research around to explain in-depth why that is.

@Valase the calming effect on bee stings is because it acts similarly to a very weak analgesic, along with it’s existing antiseptic properties.

It’s from giant mutant bugs so I have zero issue with it being useful, and given the risk of getting it it should be more useful than it’s become.

It’s just honey.
Mutant honey that contains toxins and other weird stuff could be athing though.

…Do I really want to know how large/dangerous mutant Varroa mites, foulbrood and wax moths are…?