Why do I keep getting Lockjaw(tetanus)?

I’ve probably used 30 antibiotics trying to get rid of it. It has gone away from the status screen, but it keeps coming back, even though I’m not climbing over wreckage or broken windows. Is it because my bionic claws or something?

Royal jelly has 100% chance of healing anything. Lockjaw does not show on character window, according to the wiki.

I used royal jelly, but it still comes back, so I’m saving the rest for real emergency diseases. Do you have a chance to get it whenever you get hit?

Whenever your character gets hurt in bear traps, broken windows or metal wreckage there’s a low chance of infection, so yeah.

I think I got it from being hit from a monster, though. Either that or the symptoms showed up right when a monster hit me. But the thing is, it is a rare disease right? I have already gotten it 4 times, and I have only been playing this character for around 40-50 in game days. I’ve never gotten it before in any of my playthroughs up until now.

It is… supposed to be. I only ever caught it like two times.

PSA: Blood filter cures tetanus. Someone should probably add that to the wiki :expressionless:


have you been drinking water that’s not clean?

One shouldn’t be able to catch tetanus from drinking unsafe water.

Nope, been drinking clean water. Maybe drank some old juice back then but didn’t really do anything.

Wiki has sorta been dead- for awhile now, I think it mentions it’s about from sometime in 2017, and even the item list is from 2018…
I would like to update it, but I have no prior experience of making anything or doing anything with wiki’s in the first place.

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Began a new game last week. Literally the first 40 minutes in game “You have the Flu”…I was like…yer $h!ttin me?? 0_o

Didn’t even try. I just punched the guy with the shotgun and he summarily blew my head off. Thanks bro! lol

A very low health stat can increase your odds of catching an ambient disease. though that still seems high. What kind of messages do you get when you wake up in the morning?

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Sounds like a bug to me unless you live out of a crashed helicopter lol.

Dunno If it helps but I’m pretty sure parkour reduces you chance of cutting yourself while climbing over stuff.

Broken Cyborgs in PKs rebalance cause tetanus if you’re using it.

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Ok, I have been fighting some of those. Maybe that explains it.