Skin itching?

I haven’t played in years and boy there is a lot of cool stuff now. I’m doing well, making stuff and reading up on so many guides to make my base.

But for some reason, my skin is itchy! It says my bowels ache and after some investigation I’ve concluded I need to hunt for anti parasitic drugs, but I can’t find anything on itchy skin. I’ve taken antibiotics once a day for four days now and it’s still there, so it isn’t an infected wound (though my immune system is probably amazing now).

Anyone know what’s going on?

did you take those antiparasitic drugs?
are you albino?
do you have any mutations?

No mutations, not albino, haven’t had a chance to find the antiparasitic drugs. It’s possible that the itching is parasitic but I’m not sure and I haven’t seen anything that would relate it to a parasite.

My character is very plain; she doesn’t have any mutations and her traits are rather tame. None that would cause itching at least.

Im fairly sure you should just ignore it. Its not like you’ll suddenly sprout monsters from your flesh, right?

Yeah, fair point! I’ll just itch like a crack addict and maybe it’ll cure itself. It doesn’t exactly inflict pain or it doesn’t seem to be giving any sort of status effects. Once I get the parasite out of my butt I think I’ll be solid.

If you fought a waspy-thing in the swamp recently (can’t think of the name right now), you might be harboring baby ones that will burst out of your flesh and do some damage. Yeah, ew. IIRC, you get some nausea for a while before that happens. I think that resolves it, though (can’t remember for sure - usually stay away from those guys, as they really aren’t worth messing with).

If you’ve eaten raw wild vegetables or meat, you may have a parasite.

Either way, you need anti-parasitic medication or the all-natural equivalent (mugwort oil, I think it is). And there’s no reason to take lots of antibiotics (or almost anything else in this game) - one dose takes care of the problem, generally. Taking fungicide (instead of anti-fungal medication) for a fungal problem has a chance to fail, but when it succeeds, you get a message that tells you so, so you can take it until success, then stop.

Only exception I can think of is vitamins - those give a benefit to health over time, so taking those daily does help.

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Oh, it isn’t my skin itching, it’s my veins! I remembered it wrong, I just got home.

Does that help anyone much?

Itchy veins, whoa. That doesn’t sound good at all. My advice is to take whatever drugs you have. That way, even if the drugs don’t fix the problem you’ll at least die happy.

I think i remember seeing itchy veins come from meth usage, could be wrong… did you do the meth, young man?

I ain’t done no drugs. I dunno what’s going on D;

Itchy veins? The bad news is you have parasites. Blood worms, specifically.

The good news is that you already knew you had parasites. So you still just need to get your hands on some antiparasitics, mugwort oil, or royal jelly. If you can find a Blood Filter CBM that will take care of your blood worm buddies, but not your tapeworm.

You’re all wormy, bud.

Jesus that was some rancid meat. I ate like two uncooked meats and now I’m 1/3 parasite. Managing hunger sucks because the parasites keep eating it now I got blood parasites? Yikes.

Where’s a good place to find antiparasitic drugs (and maybe mugwort)? I figure that’s better than hunting down mugwort and leveling up my survival skill. I looted a hospital and two pharmacies but I found nothing claiming to be antiparasitic. The hospital had lots of other wonderful things like a flu shot and enough disinfectant and antibiotics to cure an epidemic. But not one antiparasitic drug.

While I’m on the topic of being a newb and asking questions, where the heck are welding goggles usually found? I need those to get my death-mobile and my home fridge and all that set up.

The good news is now that you have a parasite you dont need to worry about getting it.

Get some antifungals and purge the buttmonster. OR go to an ant hill and get some ant eggs and eat those.

Antifungal drugs are somewhat uncommon. Ant hills will have the royal jelly too, in their food rooms

Yeah, anti-parasitic is generally the rarest medication, in my experience - I usually find royal jelly more often, even (though I end up with more uses of anti-parasitic simply because it comes in stacks).

Seriously, hit an anthill, beehive, or lab for royal jelly - it’s a more dependable way to find something that will fix you.

(Levelling up survival and to make mugwort oil is the MOST dependable, but that does indeed take quite a while if you can’t find the right book.)

[quote=“pisskop, post:13, topic:11728”]OR go to an ant hill and get some ant eggs and eat those.

Wait, eating Ant Eggs removes parasites?

No, it grants 200 nutrition. Stop eating those measely cooked meats and start eating real man food.

Ant hills have royal jelly is what they meant, as well. Royal jelly seems to be the cure-all for everything. Which I believe there’s actually a word for that. Panacea? I think?

Panacea: a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases, according to Google. So yeah, I would suppose it is the right word.

I’ll say again, I find if I treat the game like real life everything goes a lot smoother. Would you eat raw meat in real life?

I wouldnt.

but neither would I stay up all night and read and snort cocaine before I dived out of my vehicle with a modified iron pipe so I could brawl.