Painting walls (0.E) - Solved

I decided to give painting a try while I’m squatting in a random house but when I go to the construction menu it says there is no wall. I’ve tried the peach brick wall and the white interior wall. Does it only work on walls you’ve built yourself?

[Update] It took me a while but I found that the option to take the paint off the wall with the paint chipper is found in the construction menu. I was trying to activate it. Painting the wall is also found in the construction menu. Pictured below are the red and yellow paint. The yellow is disappointingly green and you need 25 paint for one section of wall.

I think it works on unpainted walls only, but you can scrape off the existing paint and then choose your color.

I havent tried this in a while though.

ah yes i think i remember a paint chipper being a thing. I will try it and report back.