Question about paint

I’ve been working on a couple of variations for hardware stores and I’ve noticed there are paint can items in the sources. I don’t recall ever seeing any in the game though. Is there a reason they aren’t in the current hardware stores? Someones incomplete project?

Basically, would it cause a problem if I included spawns for the paint cans in the hardware stores I am working on? They seem like such a natural fit for a hardware store.

You can paint walls with different colors with help of construction menu. And there these paint cans come in handy.

It seems Valiant missed your question. Really, the reason they aren’t included is probably because when whoever it was added them, they either decided not to or forgot to put the spawns in hardware stores. I have no idea which, though I see no reason they shouldn’t be included.

In regards to breaking things, placing the spawns in the standard hardware store spawns will just make them spawn in the old hardware stores as well, but if you’re making a new spawn list with the paint cans in it, then it won’t affect anything but your new stores.

Okay, thanks! I’ll hold off changing the universal spawns for now and just add them in as a local spawn list.

Tins of paint spawn in ‘Home Improvement’ stores, I believe - along with things like carpet in different colours.

Yeah, paint & carpet were intended for other stores. Smaller hardware stores might stock paint but generally not carpet, IME.