Pain should cause unconsciousness instead of killing instantly

instead of killing instantly pain should instead cause a person to go unconscious. this could help with raiders and other mobs seeking to merely rob you or make you go unconscious, as it would mean being beaten in a fight would no longer be a death sentence.
Instead when (if) the people wakes up after being knocked out by a looter they’d just have all their items go missing


I like that idea, but maybe more like sleeping/blinding. You get knocked out and you lie there with only occupied tile view and can have a chance to woken up when something starts gnawing on you. You knock someone out and can then drag them where ever you want. Why just wake up with gear missing when you could wake up inside a locked room?
That could give some variance to npcs some will try to kill, others will attempt to subdue or outright rob you. Others wish to capture you for whatever. A pacifist can’t bring themselves to kill but won’t have too much issue with socking you a good one if their life is in danger

Pain doesn’t kill you ever, it just incapacitates you.
If you mean damage shouldn’t kill you, that’s nuts.

The fights where there is any chance of temporary incapacitation instead of death are vanishingly rare.

Between that and the either nonsensical or creepy rationales for it, I’m not interested in supporting incapacitation based combat.

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I read on the wiki that pain kills you instantly if it goes over 240

The highest I’ve reached with pain is 689 and that didn’t cause any immediate death.
Then again that was 2 weeks ago, so it may have changed.

The wiki is either grossly inaccurate or someone confused pain with the painkiller effect.

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Indeed. Pain has never once killed me. I had great fun as a cenobite character who would regularly go over 500 pain. The wiki is generally not going to be the best source of info.

With debug you can get pain of 1024. :slight_smile:

I think getting a fungal parasite sprout on your body can get your pain to 9999, then again at that point you’re pretty much a goner.

Dammit…I completely mistook what you wrote I think. Sorry Kevin. Neevermind. >_>

Is shock implemented? Because IIRC severe pain can cause circulatory shock, which most certainly can kill you. I know someone around here is an actual medical doctor, I think its @Erk. He might be able to provide relevant information and sources.

I’m not aware of any kind of shock arising from straight pain alone. It doesn’t seem terribly plausible.

Pain can’t kill you in game AFAIK. I once had an artifact that did a tiny bit of damage to everything in the reality bubble n exchange for pain, I used to run it to insane levels.

But can you pass out unconscious just from
acute pain? Like your body saying “no more, let’s flip the switch”?

Yeah, you can pass out from sudden shocking pain. I think it’s vasovagal, the same thing that makes people faint at the sight of blood or from surprise.

Pain can cause shock. The physical trauma someone encounters can cause an over stimulus of the central nervous system and you end up with shock. That disconnected feeling like a surreal moment. The sense of nausea. Being light headed.

I have enough scars on my body from trauma to tell you pain can and does cause shock.