Oxidizer powder and things

Yeah, where can I find that stuff?

Also, kinetic bullet pullers should be craftable. I’m having trouble finding those…

Gun/bullet smith should also be a profession.

You can turn it into gunpowder to get infinite ammo out of your spent casings

Whoops, meant “where”.

A well you need to craft it; i think it needs two units of bleach

(it could spawn in labs and scienitst thoug)

Eh… not showing up.

Skillz needed?

The recipe is pretty hardcore you need an 8 in cooking


Yeah, the really advanced chemistry synthesis stuff requires a pretty high cooking skill.

I guess I could add the oxidizer and such to item_groups as well.

PR time!

Personally I think we need to move chemistry over to it’s own skill.

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Seconded. Chemistry and cooking should be different skills.

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I agree. I agree a hundred times over.

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Are there enough low-level Chem recipes to let people skill up without havig to find all the books?

(I kinda like being able to make Mutagen after cooking for a few seasons, and I’m sick of people taking the fun shit away. Thanks.)

It OP and you could adjust the order. Right now you have cooking as low level and chemistry as high level. You’d adjust the level requirements to be chemistry. So the overall level would probably be lower but you wouldn’t get the massive skill boost from all the cooking you do.

I figure if we broke it off into a separate skill we’d review and tweak all the recipes that it would claim.

End result: being a master chef doesn’t turn you into a master chemist and vice versa, while also making chemistry recipes more accessible in general, but under the auspices of a new skill.

Exactly, Rivet.
KA101, don’t immediately assume the worst about a suggestion. Geeze. Try to think about it a bit before you immediately disagree with it. The devs here have more then shown that they can implement things in an intelligent manner.

Yeah, if it was split off into a new skill a lot of the recipes would drop down to only requiring 2-6 skill instead of 6-10. Plus as we add more chem recipes then the point will become more moot.

Well, I’ve been suggesting splitting it off for some time before I made a chemistry set. Back then it was ‘meh, it’s only mutagen, it can be cooking’ and now with Rivet’s excellent additions, we have a lot more reasons to do it.

I think we’re going to need more tabs in the crafting menus.

I suggested it multiple times…

Damn it guys, I asked for oxidizer powder. Not this…