Previous character's map... aaaaand it's gone

I’ve started a new character in my world, and it had a big area of the map explored already. The area my previous character explored, possibly.
That’s not really bad at all, but now I saved and loaded the character IT’S JUST GONE!? As in ALL of the visible map is gone. I can only see the normal viewing range of 11*11 or so overworldmap tiles.

And, I have no idea where the savefile should be, so if anyone tells me I could upload it if that helps.


The save files are in a folder named save from where you launch the game.



In the options whats is your setting for delete world?

delete_world 0

I’ve saved the game again, and there’s no save map anywhere.

I only have been playing with the game for a week or so, maybe its something someone else would know better than me.

Are you using the executable you have shown in the screenshot or a shortcut somewhere else on your PC?
What version are you using?

This is particularly important. This bug should be already fixed in the dev version (and I believe the nightly version as well) so if you aren’t using one of those then you can at least know that we have already fixed the problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

0.5 - there’s not a single savefile created for anything…

I would suggest that you use the latest stable as iamroy mentioned this might already be fixed.

Link from the main page:


I removed everything and placed the new files in the folder, but it somehow loads my previous map… It seems like the savefile is somewhere else.