My maps keep throwing an error and reverting

This happened with an old world that I’d been playing in, so I figured maybe it was an issue with updating an old world. I had a backup so I shrugged and moved on, creating a new world and a new character in it.

Now it’s happened again.

This is the error I get:

DEBUG : Failed to read from “./save/Glory/maps/1.3.0/”: line 1:1: tried to start array, but found ’

FUNCTION : bool read_from_file(const string&, const std::function<void(std::basic_istream&)>&)
FILE : src/cata_utility.cpp
LINE : 425

It goes through a bunch of different map numbers in the file name, and if I hit space through them all I find myself playing my character, but in a version of the map that’s been reverted to before I did anything with it.

Can anyone clue me in on what’s happening here and how to avoid it? And especially if possible how to get my maps back? I haven’t saved since I got this bug so they should still be in there somewhere.