Overmap Rebalancing - Update (2016-11-29)



Would compatibility with Cataclysm++ be possible


I am looking to use this mod in concert with PKs rebalance, More Locations, Z-Level_Buildings, and Extended Buldings, but not the Arcana, Dino, or Animatronic stuff. Is there any particular material I should patch or remove when making the attempt to use this mod these days?


This causes critical errors with the latest version of the main game. :frowning:

Is there already a fix available somewhere?


Is this mod dead? Ive been checking other places but the only other thread about it has since been locked


It is on hiatus in the best case.


Try this one:


How do i get this file to work?, do i have to put it at the end of the mod file order?


Unzip file to data/mods folder, create new world, enable this mod, moving it to last position in the list.


I wonder if this mod needs some kind of configuration to make ir compatible with other mods,
There is a /00_Configuration directory but there is no clue about its utility…


With this mod installed, does it add the ambushed buildings(it was my favorite part of this mod)?