With "mapgen" mod missile silos are EVERYWHERE

when I started up a new game with the mapgen mod there were missile silos all over the place on the map, some only 20 away from each other on the overworld.
This would be only a nuisance if it weren’t for the fact that they’re surrounded by turrets. This can prove lethal to early players since ranged attacks are the only viable way to get rid of them (ramming with cars only work if you’re extremely lucky)

You have to create your own patchmod at the end of your mod load order to fix small bugs like this or edit the json files directly every time you update experimental unless you join github and fix the issue at the root.

It also affects the fema camp and megastore (these are different additional versions of the base game variants), their occurences are set to something stupid like 10/10.

Even the base game has multiple cases like this where the numbers are completely out of whack and players have to mod the entire specials file themselves.

Some examples…

new farms - because everyone wants 45 farms in their overmap
labs - set to spawn 0-30+ labs in an overmap (mansion max spawns have been reduced by a factor of ~8 for a reason). Personally I’m playing with all labs set to 0-1 except cold lab which is 0-2, halved the chance for basement lab and cut off road connections, but I’m STILL seeing too many labs to be honest. It takes no effort on my part to find one. Might be due to lack of road endpoint competition, which is another topic itself (why railroad station has min spawn and wastes endpoints on map when it already spawns inside cities?). I suspect skewed numbers on other endpoint instances is affecting horribly overabundant labs from materializing.
campground_npc - 3 to 100 spawns… lol why?
homeless camp - min 4 spawns… why?
hub_01 - 1 out of 1 with UNIQUE flag means this is supposed to spawn in every overmap… why?
lab_surface_big - same deal

I got really tired of seeing the refugee center in every other overmap as well and nuked the spawn rate by a factor of ~20. Getting there is supposed to be a journey or a goal for the player.