(MOD ERROR) Graphical Overmap, problem in the fonts.JSON

I usually try to fix the error myself but I tried a few things and so far I got nothing. Any ideas?

Delete the fonts.json from the mod folder.

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also it is needed to be done every time the game updates
i wish it was not like this


Yeah, I was seeing this error every time I update because always forgetting to delete the file.

Hopefully a solution comes down the line at some point. In the meantime, since I had added extra mod support to Graphical Overmap, I have a separate Graphical Overmap mod on my machine and load that into my world instead.

Thanks for the help everyone!

Iā€™m running the OSX_Tiles version of the game, and it seems that the config folder, fontlist.txt and fonts.json all no longer exist, making it difficult to determine how one installs the graphical overmap now.

If no one is maintaining this mod, should it still be included in the base package of the game?

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