Newb questions on monster pictures

so in game monsters appear as letters for exapmle (demon spiders) or whatever there called appear as S in text font how do i change that i see youtubers with the spiders as a spider picture and etc

Download the tileset version of Cataclysm DDA und choose a tileset (Settings->Options->Graphics->Choose tileset).

Not all tilesets have a “picture” for all monsters/terrain/items, so you might want/need to check out different ones.

Haven’t run into any creatures without tiles on the most recent undead people tileset. Depends a lot on what tileset you have and if you have the latest version of said tile set as well. If you find one you like just check it every once as cataclysm is an always changing game.

ok it worked thank you very much i have one more question how do i change the graphical overmap ive downloaded a new overmap i just dont know how to instal it

thank you very much one more question do you know how to install a new graphical overmap ive downloaded one but i have no clue how to install it

Didn’t know there were mods that would add a tileset for the overmap. The only one I ever used just changed the ascii format and I got rid of it because it was the opposite of helpful. Cool idea for a mod though

ok my bad OG i explained it terrible lol um how do i change the overmap because it is hard to understand

Someone recently showed what appeared to be a work in progress for the overmap, so that might be it. However, I have no idea how to install it (I’d look for instruction at the location it was downloaded from).

ima be honest im new to directory and i dont even know how to lol and i see youtubers with a nice looking over map it looks like a retro style map with accurate colors for like the forest and roads etc

Default map should already have colours for forests, roads, ect. Fields are brown dots, Forests are green F’s, buildings tend to be either coloured letters or coloured arrows indicating which side is the front.

There’s already one included with the game (picture on reddit), but it needs some setup.
In your Cataclysm DDA folder, open up data/mods/Graphical_Overmap and check out the readme.txt in that folder on how to get it to work.
Then, you need to add that mod to the world when you create it or add it to an existing world (the id(ent) needed for the latter is "Graphical_Overmap").
For one that you’ve downloaded, I don’t know, it should come with instructions?

yes you are right but its looks like coding for me

ima be honest im so confused rn lol im new to this stuff

Well, what are you confused about?

everything …

I can’t help you to understand everything, that’s what religion and/or science is for…
If you have a specific problem however, I might be able to help you.

lol tbh i wouldnt wanna either ill just search the internet graicias tho appreciate it