Overhead lights in lab block gunfire

Something I’ve noticed in experimental… when shooting in a lab, the overhead lights often intercept the bullet and break. However, when I aim directly at the light fixture, I never hit it. I’m pretty sure the opposite was the case in 0.E: you could shoot the light directly but it would never stop a flying bullet aimed at something else. If these are meant to represent recessed or ceiling-mounted lights, this makes more sense.

Also, are the utility lights found in microlabs truly indestructible? What’s the deal with that?

You probably miss you target and shoot the terrain which happens to be a light fixture.

I have 12 rifles and marksmanship skills, firing precise shots with an accurized rifle. Still happens almost every time I shoot past an overhead light. No, it’s not a miss. This also does not ever happen to furniture such as tables which hinder movement.

I just checked and can confirm that on 0.E, I spawned in and shot several zombie dogs while standing behind an overhead light, and the light was unbroken.
Checking a recent experimental I already had compiled, the light broke the first time I shot past it at a zombie dog. The behavior has definitely changed, so yeah, it’s a bug. You should file a report.

I don’t see any difference in the behavior.

yes, you can ‘accidentally’ shoot a light out when targeting an enemy. In testing just now with build 11352 It took me about 20 tries to ‘accidentally’ do this while Precise targeting a zombie with a light directly between us.

You can also purposely destroy a light by specifically targeting it with guns or with thrown items (which i also tested a month or so ago). With zero skill, an M4A1, and 8 space distance it took me 3-5 Precise shots to kill it on average.

Things have been this way for quite awhile now.

Interesting. I’ve never accidentally shot out a light before that test. And it went out on the first shot, too.
This was on b11188, btw.

Here’s a screengrab. I managed to shoot the zombie on the third attempt, but the first two were intercepted by lights. In practice my experience has been that shooting past a light is very likely to be intercepted. It’s a real annoyance, especially while trying to snipe secubots in a finale room which is studded with ceiling lights. The lights never seem to intercept their bullets, though. Oddly I was more successful at shooting the lights directly this try… I might guess that my newly buffed perception might have something to do with that, but who knows.