Over-sized Gear

First post here.
I’m setting this up as I’m experiencing a issue were a lot of the items my character uses OR crafts are now suddenly oversize.

This was never an issue before recently from one of the newer Builds, I think Build #8940. Since then I’ve got clothes, gear, etc that are now over-sized.

To add to that, I can’t craft new versions of them without those being over-sized as well. Not even a fresh game start can fix this.

So I guess my conclusion is asking if this is a new feature or some bug I’m experiencing. I don’t have any complaints either way, just want to be certain with what I’m dealing with here.

P.S: Game has been updated to the latest version and the over-sized gear still persists in the crafting menu.

They may not have patched / fixed it yet. We’ll have to head over to the github to see if there’s an issue+PR being worked on. :frowning:

Discussed here in this discourse post.

To save you a click, this is a known issue, discussed here in the Github issue tracker. MetroidHunter said he’ll look at it but we don’t have an E.T.A.

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Thanks mate for replying👍

Shame, but thank you for letting me know👌