This is too heavy! error, version 6497 (SOLVED)

using advanced inventory management results in a “this is too heavy” message every time i try to lift something. regardless of the actual weight or how much i am carrying. i can still pick the up with E or right click just fine only the advanced window is like that.

updated to 6499 and it’s still happening. maybe it’s a mod combo or something? various settings and such:



and worldoptions.json

It is a known bug and already fixed, just waiting for the merge.

oh, cool. this was a really hard run to get started (really bad day shower victim) and i would have hated to have to nix it because of a bad mod combination or load order.

It’s now fixed for me! I’m using Remroy’s launcher tile build, I believe.

yep, downloaded newest version today and it has been fixed, marking topic solved.