(OT) Cata things that used to be

The acid rain was awesome.

  • Acid rain
    Was removed from the game iirc. It sucked. Animals could not deal with it. And you were forced in your home for a long time.
  • Purple worms
    Still in, annoying buggers make it harder to drive my car around.
  • Triffids
    ‘Haven’t seen’ Good reference to the original story there ;).
    But they are also still in the game.

I found a parking lot with normal cars in it. Just random bad luck I guess. (Or good luck).

Thanks for keeping the purple worms in, looks like none have spawned yet for me.

I really think Acid Rain would be fine if it was a very rare event, like once or twice a year. In the older versions it was a bit ridiculous like the default spawn rate, i remember the reality bubble around the base was full of dead animals killed by acid rain. As a very rare catastrophic event it should be fine though!

A-plenty in my world. I’d even say a bit too many of them.

The system that spawns worms is probably riddled with bugs, that’s probably why they’re much rarer than they used to be.

Something I do not miss is GHOST CAR, there was a bug in the game for months where any vehicle you found would leave an image that would follow you around until the next time you exited the game.

Also starting the game on fire, it was funny the first few times, but got old really quick.

Worms spawn in 0-3 groups per overmap, distributed randomly, with a radius of about 10-20 overmap tiles.

I haven’t experienced the horror that is the GHOST CAR but from the way you describe it it sounds a lot like a feature and not a bug.

In my opinion turrets were easier to deal with, I could just go behind a wall after it detected me and wait for it to run out of bullets shooting the wall I was behind.

I miss the None.

…Said nobody ever.

What about that glitch when hallucinatory monsters became real after saving/loading.

I can’t believe nobody’s mentioned the cocaine of whiskey (21)

I miss reinforcing welders using the same welder. Yukari is not amused.

Shit. When was this? I picked up cata back in 0.4 (I think?). I don’t remember this kind of thing ever happening.

Anyone else remember when external fuel tanks made mini-nukes look like firecrackers?

Still does.

Fueltank bomb is an ultraweapon. It may not be removed.

I had whiskey cigarettes. Things get pretty weird once you start to eat tobacco for whiskey.

Shit. When was this? I picked up cata back in 0.4 (I think?). I don’t remember this kind of thing ever happening.[/quote]

This was back in an early version of Whales’s cata, I don’t even remember how versions worked back then…