(OT) Cata things that used to be

Suddenly I recalled today there was an acid rain in cata. And it was fairly crippling should you find yourself in the middle of a field, dragging a shopping cart. No more. I sort of miss it but then there are a lot of other things to cause trouble. Enough is enough.

Then there were traps on the roads, sometimes surrounding moderately good loot. Gone.

By no means bragging, I’m fairly new to Cata (been playing since 0.8 or 0.9). But what bothers me is that I haven’t seen even one mil. surprlus store for a while. Have these disappeared too?

And what other curious gimmicks used to be in the game?

Military surplus stores still exist, found one today on an experimental build.

I do miss those traps on the road surrounding some loot.

I’m as fresh as fresh gets, As green as uncut marijuana… Having started playing after 0.B had been out for a while.
I’ve never seen the acid rains… But the traps were cute i’ll give ye that xD

I remember being able to find cars in parking lots. Now it’s all shopping carts and ice cream vendors. Not that there’s a dearth of cars, it’s just odd.

You can change the weather and get acid rain via debug. Weather changing is disabled on stable, but in the experimental you can activate it. Acid rain can bring your pain up to 100.

Annoying thing if you don’t have a leather coat or something. Would cause you a lot of pain quickly. So it was another incentive to stick to towns unless you’ve managed to nick some acidproof clothes.

I remember having to search a half dozen houses for a cooking pot.

Farthest I remember playing the game… not sure if it was the original or already DDA, but the version I remember playing first didn’t have static spawn.

I’ve only been playing since shortly after 0.C came out. So I’ve never encountered acid rain first hand, though I’m all for implementing additional environmental hazards or in this case reenabling an old one. The loot in the middle of nowhere surrounded by traps sounds a little nonsensical though, I can understand why it was removed. Military Surplus Store’s are still alive and well though, they’re my favorite early game looting spot thanks to the combination of food, water, and kevlar armor.

Aw, I thought you were going to talk about how it used to melt your clothes off your skin and kill you within minutes. ^^’

God no, the last thing we need again is acid rain. Seems like 3 times a day it’d be pouring caustic chemicals from the sky on my chars.

Acid rain would be interesting thing to bring back but only if its rarer than it used to be.

I have a nice memory of putting on power armor and punching spitters while other zombies were melting in the acid rain.

I miss throwable karate, even though it wasn’t very effective…

As I recall there’s plans to re-do acid rain, and other cataclysmic weather in connection to a revamped portal/anomaly/biome system.

Still, it was a FANTASTIC source of batteries and acid grenades back in the day and I usually didn’t mind the rain itself so much, crafting raincoats out of plastic bags and keeping in cover (a great time to read or craft while waiting for rain to collect) and munching aspirin when forced to wander around usually kept the pain manageable.

Finding cooking pots though… I remember tearing apart most of a small town looking for a single bloody cooking pot.

I usually ended up making a stone pot (http://www.wiki.cataclysmdda.com/index.php?title=Stone_pot), something that never made a bit of sense. Three stones, a hammer, and a piece of string. Twenty minutes later, poof, you’ve a pot. Is it like… three stones tied together at the… bottom? Like a three-petaled flower?

A large stone, roughly hollowed out into a pot.

What? How? And what happened to the other two stones? And the string!

Forget the creepy backwoods temple and the goo, this is one of the great mysteries of Cataclysm.

I remember back then there was no stone pot, a lot of the survival based recipes weren’t in. I kinda miss the focus on scavenging instead of crafting.

I believe acid rains were removed because they would basically kill all the nearby spawning wild life, leaving countless of dead corpses lying around, also because the weather was unpredictable and could change drastically in a matter of turns.

Definitely get this. There’s just something a little off with tailors being ungodly killing machines by virtue of encumbrance. And I miss the scarcity (it seemed) of loot in the older versions, when there weren’t assault rifles and katanas in every third basement.

Why? As a bait to lure a naive survivor and get more loot, seems somewhat reasonable to me.

I’m lucky. The worst it had done to me is causing 50-80 points of pain.

Oh and how are the triffids? Haven’t seen these fibrous buggers for a while too.

These giant purple worms that would dig up the ground around the base, haven’t seen one of those in a while.