Ornamental Armour, the encumberance

I’m not trying to be a crazy over buffer here, but I wanted to ask if we could you know fix the encumbrance in the plate armors or ornamental armors found in mansions. Heavy armor did not encumber you at all, in fact most armors were more flexible and workable than a human body could be. King Henry’s armor in the museum is such an amazing work of advanced metalworking that it doesn’t impede you at all and completely protects you from all but attacks that crush in your armor. That being said an enc of +1 or +2 for cheaper quality I would find just fine, but the 4 on it I find a bit much.
I don’t debate unpowered power armor being a 4, its made to have power. It has none and will natural offer more resistance. Especially with electric motors, converted a lawn mower to electric myself and boy pushing that when the batteries died was insane.

The only reason I post now is because I’ve finally located some and was like, “Whhhhaaaaaaa?”

It’s heavy, but I suppose those who it was made for, would know how to move it in

Between being designed for someone else and (presumably) the player not knowing /how/ to move in it the encumberance is fine IMO, not to mention it’s ornamental, correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t that mean there’s crap inside to make it “stand” and pose?

That’s the primary difference between ‘plate armor’ and ‘ornamental plate armor’, both of which are in-game.

Plate armor isn’t terribly encumbering, while the ornamental suit is.

“Ornamental” = built to Look Good, with actual fighting as secondary, as I understand it. If there’s stuff holding it up, you should probably take it off the unit or remove it so there’s room to insert yourself. :wink:

(Perhaps ornamental plate ought to be eligible for Stylish?)

Ahhh, alright sorry for my misunderstanding… Haven’t found plate, thanks for the info.

As someone who knows those who wear plate armor… Yeah, no, sorry, even really good plate metal armor was encumbering. Is it encumbering to a small enough extent that skill can overcome it? Yeah, sure - but so is the plate armor in-game. It only has an encumbrance of 3 - that’s perfectly acceptable for a full suit of armor, and is probably generous for one not fit to you.