Encumberment since 0.b

Good evening fellow post-apocalyptics.

I am returning to the game from a break since 0.b. I am playing current experimental. Is it just me, or has the encumbrance changed since I left?

I am having the rather bizarre issue of the encumbrance going UP the more clothes I remove from my character. Poor Jen had a torso encumbrance of 10 while wearing an army jacket, tank top and bra. Once she had stripped off to engage in bare-breasted melee combat, dwarf style, she had a torso encumbrance of 30, despite wearing LESS. Meanwhile my hands have an encumbrance of 50, even though they are only wearing gloves with an encumbrance of 20.

Was this always the case? Have I just forgotten how this mechanic works in two or so months? Am I being particularly obtuse and overlooking something really obvious? Or has something changed?

I know it’s different in the experimentals but I’m running O.C stable, and I can’t be sure that what you’re experiencing is a bug, but I know encumberment moved to a 10 scale rather than 1.

You are probably carrying too many items, taking off the army jacket and not dropping it would decrease your carry volume quite a bit. When carrying more volume than you have storage an encumbrance of 30 is added to all body parts.

I noticed the switch to the 10 scale straight away - that was a bit weird at first.

You’re right! I am dropping the jacket directly onto the ground, but of course just by taking it off, I am losing most of the storage space with it. I was paying so much attention to trying to work out the encumbrance issue that I hadn’t even thought to look at my storage. Thanks!

Is this recent, or has this always been the case and I’ve just never noticed it?

So I’m all ready for all the other new mechanics - aiming and running and the like. Is there anything else major I should be prepared for?

It’s always been the case. Having a backpack destroyed and then getting beaten to death while struggling to juggle all the stuff in your inventory has been the death of many a character.