Something on encumbrance

i was just think a few idea for the encumbrance feature. one i think dexterity would help improve you limit and there would be a over and under level. under raises some stats but mean your going to be wearing little. over means your going to be were a lot but have lowered agility and stuff. only clothing with a encumbrance number actually conflict. example you can wear close to the skin clothing while still having underwear/(female) bra. thickness thicker clothing will conflict with clothing that just as thick but not lower. or wearing armor like leather armor does not add encumbrance with wearing thin clothing under it. back slots. by this i mean i find it unfair you can’t wear a backpack a weapon strap or two and a quiver. i would think a fair amount is a bow/crossbow strap a backpack and a large quiver with a close range weapon sheathed on a belt note,they backslot items would still add to the encumbrance just not the extra from conflict . also weapon skills raise the encumbrance limit when using. or a better way to say it over encumbrance affects you less with a weapon your skilled in using