[Fixed]Crash when entering character creation with changed Terminal Width/Height

Version 5ea9a28 SDL (with Tilesets) crashes every time I enter character creation in windowed mode with 192 and 72 for terminal width and height.
As this is my usual setting, I can say that this didn’t happen with version 523cefc.

Things I’ve tried:

  • other dimensions don’t seem to help, had the same thing happen with 160x64
  • fullscreen doesn’t help
  • switching to software rendering doesn’t help
  • creating a character with the default dimensions and loading the game with increased ones works (so I guess it is something with the creation menu)

I’m using Win7 64bit with uhm… some Nvidia card. If it’s important I can check and post. :wink:

Yeah, was a fix that worked in testing but not when pushed. Testing the fix now.

Seems to be fixed in 8985b49. Thanks! :wink: