Item Descriptions

So, I did a quick search, and… found nothing about this.

Are there plans to fix Item descriptions soon? First of all…
In the Help, the Combat section is still cut off.
And in game (Can’t remember what items at the moment) but generally a number of craftable items, when I look at their description before crafting them, it gets cut off.

I feel that (may not be anything serious) it would be great if these were fixed too. : )

Though, just got the latest nightly build (wasn’t using them before now) when I heard vehicle collisions had been somewhat fixed. : )

What size window are you running it in? I seem to remember hearing reports of how some of the menus were having problems on the smaller window sizes, I don’t know if that has been fixed yet or not.

I run it in…
But, really there should be a fullscreen option. That would be nice too.

im also having this problem in 80 x 30 and thats 80 wide