Only the character square is visible. Very dark lighting everywhere

I was in my base. I disassembled a dresser. I used the advanced inventory to move the dresser materials out of the way. When I closed the advanced inventory menu, the only thing visble on the player map (not the overmap) is the character tile. The Lighting says Very Dark no matter what time of day it is, or if I am outdoors or indoors. Turning on the cranial flashlight doesn’t change anything. I have slept, restarted the game, and nothing changes. I’m roughly 200 days in on this character. Can this be fixed?

Post save
Looks like a bug in lighting calculations.

I am not smart. How do I post a save file?

Go to \save folder, put folder with broken world to archive (i.e. zip it), then upload archive to some file upload service (e.g. Dropbox) and post link here.

Probably not worth mentioning, but have you accidentally activated the glare compensator CBM? Or put on a blindfold? Also, do you have any weird statuses that could be causing it?

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@darktoes It was the optical dampening CBM. I don’t even remember installing it, let alone turning it on. Thanks everyone!

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Yay I did something right today!

Cries in calculus