Mi-go are extremely overtuned, need a balance, aggro or weakness

For how common these things are to come across these guys are more dangerous than a wandering gun bot. They’re faster than a player, never tire, can see you across an entire map, have high hit points, and slice through kevlar like paper. Is there some sort of glaring silver bullet i’m unaware of? Because i’ve lost several characters to these guys showing up in a empty field and charging me.
If they were non auto hostile maybe you could deal with them

Them not being auto hostile would make more sense in the original Mountains of Madness. The Migo are more scientists than predators. They already have test subjects in their towers, so maybe if the player gets to close they act hostile in defense.

they’re a stat check as far as I can tell, if you have a gun or good melee build just break line of sight (like hiding behind a tree or laying behind a bush) then light them up in melee. remember they aggro zombies too, good way to kill one or the other.

yeah that’s what i’ve always been thinking too. they seemed to be “friendly” enough to take people on brain rides to their planet

Just realized I mixed the migo up with The Elder Things, my mistake.

Lead or steel bullets work just fine. Mi-Go are alien looters/raiders/slavers (from our perspective) grabbing anything that seems biologically novel, so being non-aggressive would be a non starter out the gate. Combine that with thorough genetic engineering would make ‘obvious’ weaknesses a bit counter intuitive. But they’re still biological at the end of the day, and have very low ballistic resistance - comparable to a stab proof vest. The scout and slaver variety are just as weak or weaker to firearms.

Dangerous things like this is why your survivor should always have a gun on hand, even if you’ve only got half a magazine of ammo - some things just need to be shot to death.

Most of the time you can ignore the mi-go if you’ve got a vehicle, by simply speeding past them. There are obvious exceptions of course, such as when you actually want to attack their towers, have to get past them in a narrow corridor (although you can lure them away from there if you’ve got a speed advantage), or need to clear out an urban area to be able to loot it in peace (although you can try to lure them away, potentially into zombie concentrations).