Old Guard U.S. Marshal

So after helping out the Old Guard with a few problems, they Deputized Mr. Raynor as a Marshal and asked me to go deal with a problem. I saw somewhere that as long as I wear the badge, police eyebots will recognize my authoritah, but I was wondering if it lets you do other things as well?
For example:
Deputize/conscript other NPCs to help me.
Requisition equipment
Open up additional missions
Unlock additional Dialog

Eyebots, yes. They ‘blink their LED and depart. The Feds have this.’
Also, this.

Other than that, I’m not aware.

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Lol thats awesome. Crazy Cataclysm mod? Also, Urist? We have dwarves?

Urist is a random name the game can assign to npcs. There are many other ‘weird’ or noticeable names out there, if you just look hard enough.

Otherwise, i don’t think there are any other boons you get from being a deputy. As you said earlier, Bots will recognize you and leave you alone, even if you’re the one breaking the law, but there aren’t any new missions or so from what I know.
Also, technically you can already conscript other npcs by speaking with them, you know that, yes? :stuck_out_tongue:

None of the Old Guard in the Necropolis will acknowledge you unless you’re wearing a Marshall’s badge.

That’s a decent quest chain that depends on having a Marshall’s badge.

Also, most of the people at the Tacoma Commune/Refugee Ranch will be more polite if you’re a Marshall. It changes the dialogue without adding new options that I remember.

Hey is it only specific eyebots that will recognize my authoritah, because I just had a random one fly up to me and start trying to blind me to death. I’m wearing the marshall badge, and its on the outside armor layer, not sure whats going on. I’ve got the salvaged robots mod on, does that affect it?

Probably yes, it’s supposed to change the robots’ behavior.

No. Don’t have it.

Eyebots will ignore you if you have any form of police trait and badge plus if they see you they won’t summon police bots(which can be bad for you). Police bots also won’t attack you normally same with riot control.