Oh, NPC!

That’s hilarious, enlightening, and horrifying all at the same time.

So, here I am in my mobile base, crafting some saline solutions to make a few first aid kits, when an NPC shows up and starts to chat me up.
Her mom got killed, is a zombie, she wants me to kill her, etc. I was busy crafting so I said no and kept going on.

Then she steps into my deathmobile and takes one of my guns and a pouch full of ammo.
And a good chunk of my medicine. And military and science IDs. And a 2 million dollar cash card.
What a jerk. I idly pick up one of the guns I’ve been meaning to test (a wrist DREAD) and destroy her in a full-auto burst.

As I’m picking up my stuff, another NPC comes in. I don’t pay him much attention… until I notice the stuff I’m picking up suddenly disappear.
What a jerk. I destroy him in a full-auto burst with the same gun.

And as I’m picking up the rest of my stuff… guess what? Another NPC.
You’d think they’d learn after seeing the fresh corpses and blood splatters, they’d be a bit wary of me…
I destroy him in a full-auto burst with the same gun.

And now I feel terrible for killing some ‘innocents’. Ah, well. It’s probably because I pretty much shot three poor, unresisting, helpless normies in the back.

Low morale. Trying to sleep it off when somebody else comes by. I try to chat him up and he says that this is his turf. Well, I was here first, but whatever. I enter my deathmobile and am about to drive away when he comes in through the door. I grab my gun and he yells at me to drop it.
Hey, he’s the one intruding. Screw him! I tell him as much and he turns hostile. I wait to see what he’ll do.
He fires a crossbow at me. The wooden bolt harmlessly is deflected by armor.

Hah. I destroy him in a full-auto burst with the same gun.
What a jerk.

So I finally begin crafting those saline solutions again, when another NPC come strolling by. So he wants to talk. Okay…
“Keep your distance”, he says. Okay, reasonable enough. I put away my gun and chat with him. Nothing really interesting, so step back into my vehicle and return to my crafting.
He also steps into the vehicle’s doorway.
Oh, no.
He, for some reason, begins smashing the interior of my mobile home.
I tap him on the shoulder. “Get out of here or I’ll kill you”.
He turns to flee… deeper into my home. And keeps on smashing my interior.
I pull out my gun.
I destroy him in a full-auto burst with the same gun.
What a jerk.

Another NPC comes strolling by.
…you know the drill.
I destroy him in a full-auto burst with the same gun.
What a jerk.

That was hilarious.

Maybe they were in line, like a carnival ride… of DOOM.

“Piss the super survivor off! $3 ride.”

setting up a no-pickup zone should help with friendly NPC’s Won’t keep them from smashing stuff up, or stealing if they don’t care about you, or whatever, but will mean less required to take everything back to its proper place.

I had carved the surface rock of a cave into my house,with a metal door and two reinforced windows and having a rather large fenced off area to farm and park ny vehicles.
Well the problem is that a npc somehow got into the area despite the outside of my palisade having deep pits surronding it,the piece of shit had a crossbow and kept shooting me,so i took a set of plate armor and put it on so i could lure the fuck into a two tile cavity i had carved to make a room out of logs to keep my npcs there and i simply built a reinforced window to trap the pest.
Is it posible to keep him for ever there,with no chance of escaping my display case i built for him?

Jesus fuck what is your NPC spawn rate at?

I dont believe there is a member of this forum named ‘jesus fuck’

I dont believe there is a member of this forum named 'jesus fuck'

Well now I want to change my nick to God Fuck.

Came back from a looting trip and it is still there trapped.
Maybe i will build more cells and stuff zombir children as decorations.

How did you build wall when npc occupied your adjacent tile?

He was on the end of a three tile long and one tile wide hallway i had as i was carving another room with a pickaxe.
Yep the dumb npc got stuck as i left a nailboard just in front of him and then on the third tile i finished the window.
May build some pens for weak zombies.

I’ve done that once, playing zookeeper with NPC’s and “weak” zombies. Went out to chop some wood and next thing I know the hall of stupid AI and my base were on fire, with all 13 of my zombie children running around tearing apart 3 NPC’s with no weapons. Their liberator, flamethrower in hand, was standing where a wall used to be. Saw him too late.
“Kill my mom” he says, as the roof collapses on our heads.

Survived - the collapse, that is - til zchilluns gangbanged my crippled, stunned, and burnt body.