Officer Gimp and the nerfed freak suit!

Ok, so I realised that the motorcycle helmet adds 20 encumberment, so you encumber your eyes if you just do it the normal way.

I tried to make it cover all three head spot anyway, but couldnt do it through the armor.json . I have no idea.

This is something that Actually needs to be looked into.

I’m sorry, but… what visor?


I edited the armor json yesterday and nothing happened.

Now all of a sudden my eyes are super encumbered! And no matter how much I save the json, IT STAYS WRONG!


I made the motorcycle helmet encumbrance 0, but I cant make it NOT cover the eyes anymore! I think it stays in the savefile somehow :(((


The area equipment cover are stored in the save file, changing it in the json after it spawned isn’t going to do much

Bloody hell, THAT probably explains why trying to change body parts covered via use_action won’t work.