Office Towers

Why are they so mean and full of death? ):

Businessmen died there. OF COURSE THEY ARE FULL OF SADNESS.

They’re so mean and deadly because they are full of EA employees.

I fixed that for you.

Also if you can find the entrance to the underground parking lot you might be able to find a vehicle.

There are lot of good “hold your ground” spots, though. While the rewards are not great, some tactical positioning makes clearing the place with just a nail gun a very real possibility.

I lol’d

Yeah, but there’s the very real possibility of finding hidden employees zombies in a forgotten office cubicle.

By the way, has anyone demolished one yet?

I drove my “mobile” home halfway through one, ended up with all 5 of my engines broken.

I lit one on fire, collapsed the roof, and was still able to climb to the top floor.

Catalogic go!

Top floor? They only have a sublevel in my game.

Hmm, I suppose that makes more sense than climbing up the magical unburnt staircase into the magically floating second floor.

I should pay more attention.

Probably not going to happen.

Oh dear. Well, time to take out every support at ground level and see if a few thousand tonnes of concrete can float on air.