Big Sealed apartments

Is there any trick to getting into these giant sealed apartments i have been finding lots of?

Huh? Never seen them. Can you share a screenshot?

Yeah, I always wondered what was up with those. I just pickaxed or sledgehammered or whatevered my way in, once. I didn’t even find anything cool.


Also, the one to top left is full of bandits, teh one to bottom right is full of refugees, and the only person i recurited apparently is the guy a building over apparently by shouting

Wow. I’ve never seen any of these.


Yeah the osprey wrecks are pretty cool. I found one that’s reactor was still going and lived inside it for a week.

Grenadier zombie reduckulous

Just a funny note i reallized really far into the game, The world name is Salmon Creek… I wound up accidentally getting high tier bear mutation

Those apartments are additions from the mod, “More locations”.

My personal preference for entry is bionic wall jumping, but if you are in a bind, fix nearby vehicles and just ram it.

Jackhammers work find on opening concrete walls, though you’ll need a hacksaw or other metal cutting tools to clear the rebar cage and a two-by-four to bridge the gap.

I like jackhammering the ones with zombies inside because that gives you a nice deep pit to watch zombies fall into.

I believe if you have experimental Z-levels on you can just climb over the walls. So far it has proven to be the easiest way to enter the apartments.

If I am not mistaken you should be able to go into the mod file folder and delete the building from spawn right?