Repair console in a parking garage

I am pretty sure you can’t, but just checking.

I found a parking garage with a lot of great condition cars in it (neat addition!). The lift to get the cars off the upper floors needs a working console though, and all are broken. Anyway to fix them, or some other way to move the cars off the top floor (without just yeeting them off the side that is).

This is a total guess and probably not worth the effort, but could you build a ramp? My first thought is how bridges now ramp up/down when you move over that line of arrows.

You should be able to build a ramp up one level, but I’m unsure about multiple levels.

I’m rather sure you can’t get the lift to work, since there’s no power in the power grid, and thus no way to power it (or a repaired console, for that matter). The game currently doesn’t have any electrical grid functionality outside of vehicles (where electric wiring is implicitly available to all vehicle tiles). ATMs and similar terminals work through magic (or batteries), as do fuel pumps. Some buildings have backup generators providing them with power, but those are special buildings.

It didn’t occur to me that repairing the console wouldn’t do anything with no power. I was considering them to be the same as the lifts in the smaller labs.

I won’t put in the effort of building a ramp, even if its would be feasible. The cars I want are on the 4th floor, and really they are nothing special, just completely undamaged. If I really want, ill take them apart piece by piece and move them downstairs to build into another car.

I was just hoping there was some trick I didn’t realize others had noticed.

If there are windows up on the 4th floor I wonder what would happen if you drove a car out of it. If I had to guess I’d say it would be similar to landing a helicopter in the game with poor skills.

Experiment you say? Sure!

3rd story roof

Backing up to get some momentum

Ramming concreate barriers a few times busted wheels right off

Jumped into another car to try again

A few rams *almost* knocks other car off

We are down

Both cars totally destroyed, I suffered very minor damage, no equipment damage at all. Made enough noise to bring a bunch of zombies around.

Thus concludes the experiment. I am pleased to say that, other then the fact I lived, tossing a couple of cars off a 3rd story building yields realistic results.


Gotta love the crater it left in the asphalt! :rofl:

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