Obligatory February 24 bug thread

Perhaps later in the development there could be an option for that in the aptly named options.txt?
Or do you simply want to leave the Americanisms in because it’s set in New England?

Winter boots do not gain the “reinforced” string when enhanced. And thank you whichever dev enabled reading entertainment books at low morale. It’s making mood swings playable.

Fix’d. For now you should drop the wheel before installing.

I made sure that they can. You may have noticed that when starting a vehicle in reverse, they get a huge initial boost. I killed the boost, made reverse acceleration weaker, and made the stopping thresholds low enough that bicycles can go in reverse. It just takes several turns before you’ll notice.

The problem with bicycles is that they weigh too much, because vehicle frame components are all still the same size. And also bicycles have car seats :confused:

Ah, just found a bug. Not particularly annoying, more like one that can be easily used to cheat. If there are monsters (or animals) trapped outside the Evac Shelter and you go downstairs in the Evac Shelter and then come back up, all of the monsters that were near the shelter will disappear.

However, I don’t know if it also applies to creatures that wander inside the shelter.

solar panels aint working.
also, auto “saving game” seems to break ‘waiting’ command.

Thanks, fix’d. My bad.

Crossposting some bugs

You can’t drink from a toilet when items are covering it. Doesn’t let you interact like disarming traps does.

Got another bug. Cigars use the “You light a cigarette and smoke it.” string. I didn’t lug these babies through 3 infested towns on a half empty 2L bike to have a victory “cigarette” and whisky binge.

Just got Cata to crash while spamming *~ to deconstruct furniture while it was deconstructing. Good thing autosave is a BAMF.
“Edit” Found it! The game crashes if you press ` while having the construction menu open.

Rain coats still lack a “reinforced” prefix when reinforced. I presume Winter boots still lack it too.

Just had a zombie teleport into a bathroom. Might be a glitch with Necro letting him vive out of LoS stuff. He’s crrently on the far left of the building still out of sight of even the alley. This is the second time it’s happened

Cata just -froze. No discernible reason other than it’s pissed i’m still alive. Was picking up some rocks, not near a glitch area. Presuming it was just one of those glitches. Been fine for about 4 hours now anyway.

Oh and got a question, Do pilot lights actually exist in-game?

French people aren’t real.

I have nothing too serious to report. Just two minor bugs that shall be listed below.

The entire “Items overview” section in the help menu is blank.

I put a glass bottle of whiskey in the fridge whilst in a farm, and latter when I went back to take a chug from it, I found out its glass bottle had disappeared and there was only “whiskey (21)” in my fridge… whiskey that, because it’s a liquid, couldn’t be drunk.

EDIT: Found another one. When moving furniture to a rock floor and moving them again to another place, the rock floor tile they were previously on will magically turn to a wooden one.

TDW mentioned that they were obtainable through disassembling items. Can’t recall what item it was though.

disassembly of lighters give you a pilot light I believe. You also get a stack of air, called “none” in game in the amount of whatever fuel you had left in the lighter

That’s fixed in the repo already.

oh coolie :smiley: glad that got fixed up, didn’t notice >.<

Cata 0.1 Windows exe

Wild vegetables can’t be used in broth/soup recipes

The craft Scrap into chunks recipe is gone

Went to unload jerky/chips/candy into jerry cans and it just dumped it in my inventory. Will we ever be able to roam with top hats guzzling candy out of jerrycans?

Had the animal spawn code shit the bed and ended up with not even a squirrel for nearly an entire map size.

Oh and one more thing. lit and threw multiple pipe bombs under an NPC and it did no dmg to the NPC while still being able to break windows/blow doors.

Cataclysm - 0.21 Windows exe

Rain coats and Winter boots still do not get the “reinforced” prefix when enhanced.

Not sure if bug or feature but zombie kids drop chunks of meat instead of tainted meat

Esc can’t be used to exit the examine menu

Had some Potato chips that aren’t stacking for some reason and they shouldn’t have spoilage so it isn’t that. No clue on why some do and some wont.

Lawnmower blades can’t be used in the blade trap. Hilariously enough, neither can anything crafted into the blade item be used either.

When you try to disassemble a 30 ft. rope you get the message" You need a steak knife to disassemble this." While an experienced player knows this means any of the knives really it can be confusing to new people who may mistakenly think they need to have a steak knife stashed away for rope stripping.

Sawn-off Saiga-12’s & shotgun revolvers can’t be used in the shotgun trap recipe which makes no sense it just uses a string to pull a trigger.

Molotov, Torch, Bandage all use Vodka/rum/whisky/tequilla but what about Gin and Triple Sec? If we go by Alcohol by volume, (Wikipedia article)
Beer 2%–12% (usually 4%–6%)
Triple sec 15% to 40%
Tequila 32%–60% (usually 40%)
Vodka 35%–50% (usually 40%)
Rum 37.5%–80%
Gin 40%–50%
Whiskey 40%–55% (usually 40% or 43%)

Bayonet only has spike as a component when a combat knife/steak knife should also be viable

Part of the item statblock gets eaten by the command shortlist when examined. Deactivate or tighten it to the width of activate.

When picking a reward from an NPC and you choose “Give items as a reward” and you exit it because there’s nothing you want you get nothing instead of picking teach me a skill instead. May be bug or feature.

Wood spear has rapid attack and weak block while steel spear does not. Not sure if bug or feature.

NPC’s that were near you when you died have a pesky habit of showing up when you gen a new char with the same world.

If there is more than 9 NPC’s you can’t chat to #10+

NPC immune to raging fire apparently. Was testing stuff and it was standing 1/3 into a burning building and not displaying any damage in it’s tooltip. They were in it for a good 40+ turns before leaving to chase some zombie. They’re also immune to pipe bomb damage apparently.