Another one on NPC's [npcmove.cpp[321]]

Just ran into NPC in the outskirts of a large city. He talked to me and engaged a bunch of zeds with his Savage (no silencer, i supose, so guess, what hapen). After he fire like 10 shots at the horde game freezed, and debug.log states C:\Users\jenny\Desktop\cygwin\home\Kyratzes\Cataclysm-DDA\npcmove.cpp[321]: NPC didn’t use its moves. Action 17. Turning on debug mode.
If anyone interested, just say what else info i can provide.

P.S> Screenshot shows what became of that NPC just when the bug happened. Those ` and = in top left corner.

That seems like the kind of bug the NPC would explode for.

Darkling, get to setting this up… That or make it where if an NPC hasn’t used moves they are wasted.