NPC Z-Level Capabilities

Please implement Z-Level Capabilities for NPCs. Please.

I just want my followers to be able to dungeon crawl through labs, caves, and mines with me. So they can go into basements and multiple-story buildings with me. Please.


They can follow you into basements and labs. And, I am pretty sure that when I took an elevator into a mine they went and tried to take the manhole cover, so they would appear to have rudimentary zlevel pathing.

In my current game and every game in my experience, NPCs cannot change z-levels. I’m running the experimental from senior two or three weeks ago.

Wait… are you running with the experimental z-level feature on? Because I am not

i is

that makes senses -_-

NPCs can’t into z-levels in non-z-level mode because the hack that works for zombies would get incredibly ugly if replicated for NPCs.

A simpler version could be added, but it would most likely require NPCs bunching up next to the player, which would require manually swapping places with them or something like that.