(NPC) Tried to use a none... again

Ok, i don’t know if you are still trying to fix up the current NPCs or just are going to make them from scratch, but…

Also, when he was attacked by a black rat, he… wieled his entire inventory. I did not took a pic, but it said something like

Wields a fish serum!
Wields a Bayonet!
Wields a can of beans!
Wields a coat!
Wields a… and so on. You get me.

Remaking them from scratch, this is an issue of how NPCs interact with the inventory code, it’ll be a mess to fix, but I’m pretty sure we can code the new NPCs to not have the same problem.

Their “failed reload” debug messages are what usually make me go insane. I usually have to creep out to the 1 square at a time (clearing the debug each step) until I can drop ammo at their feet and light it on fire to kill them.

I’d kill them the old-fashioned way but they crash my game if they aggro me lol.

Fingers crossed the NPC rework doesn’t make ya’ll go completely insane trying to fix it :slight_smile: lol