Npc training me on Melee 2->3 causes error but no crash

version: 0.C-19289-g886c281
Windows 10

I asked my npc to train me and then it caused this error. I had not seen it before so I thought you might want to know about it.
I had the error but no crash. no heads exploded.
DEBUG : Clear_mission: Mission_selected not in assigned
FUNCTION : Void Talk_function: :Clear_mission (npc&)
FILE : src/npctalk.cpp
LINE : 3054

heh. 0.c.24081-xxxxxxxx
nothing changes :slight_smile:

err i lied
LINE : 3054
in my build
LINE : 2756
:slight_smile: hmm there is changes :slight_smile:

I have not seen this happen in a long while. I’m so glad. but then again, I dont let any npc’s use guns anymore. ever.

I always assumed this was the longstanding bug where asking NPCs to train you when you had an active quest with them causes them to forget the “quest finished?” prompt at the start of each conversation, and revert to “normal conversation” (which also allows them to assign another quest).