NPC strength

Hello. Why NPC have so high endurance? I shot one NPC 10 times with shotgun(70 damage) and he was still alive. This is normal?

All body parts have individual health.It’s possible that your character missed chest and head.It was also possible for NPC to have armor and high strength

Yeah, it’s body parts.

Player is just as resistant.

Just be thankful that most NPCs have subpar armour.

I think the game should inform the player when he hits an already broken limb of an NPC.
And maybe report the damage as 0.
And maybe add limb damage indicators for NPCs, just to see how beat up their various body parts are.
And maybe put a hard cap on how often you could possibly hit a broken body part. I mean, if you have 4 broken limbs, do you have like 4/6 chance of being hit to those locations?

Yeah that would be helpful. I remember beeing confused about that, too. Shot at an NPC a few times with bursts, did about 3-400 damage and wondered why he was still living.
NPC have the same bodyparts you do and if you ‘miss’ the torso or head they will live through that.

I remember having to once fight an NPC who was wearing a tactical helmet and MBR vest with ceramic plates.