NPC Conversation Mapping

Hey guys, fellow developer here.

So, I know NPCs haven’t gotten a lot of attention in the past due to the complications of working with NPCs. (To be fair, it’s a pain). Was wondering if it’d be possible perhaps to actually use a program called ChatMapper to create scripted JSON interactions for NPCs that could be dynamically loaded and added to the game. So it’d be possible to pre-write some characters and have their dialogue in the game.

I often want to help Cataclysm by adding features and such in the code. My tinkering usually results in horrible results (mostly because I’m an established C# programmer, and it takes a way-too-tremendous and intimate knowledge of how CDDA is coded to really add in features that haven’t already been added in.) I feel like I could contribute by writing some of these scripted interactions in chatmapper, including skillchecks and other traitchecks. (Chatmapper supports all of that)

Here’s a link to the application:

What do you guys think?

I haven’t looked at chatmapper yet, but this is exactly where I want NPC dialogue to go.

If chatmapper is easy enough to use, several people could each take on a particular npc, write dialogue for them, and contribute a potluck of individuals. That’d take a lot of tedium out of the overhaul process, perhaps. God going back to class next Monday is gonna suck, I’d be interested in helping with that, as a non-coder.

Downloaded, at least for curiosity’s sake, and potential later use. It’s easier to trap myself into doing things when I’ve done part of the footwork in advance of my freetime heh.

If this happens I have dibs on Makayla dialogue.

More to the point, there are folks who are kinda in need of dialogue waiting (not-so, but with reason) patiently in the background. Getting their dialogue in would be Nifty.