I don’t know you guys, but I really want to see working and non-stupid NPC’s. I’d like to think that the game will get much more interesting with a working and descent NPC system, and the devs can start by removing those incesesary curses (really, they say an bad word every three seconds), an better chat system and options like “stay here” or “go to that point”, those are good examples for the start.
I know an bit about coding (I was working in my own project that never get released, “Survivalist”) and if there’s one thing I know good is that coding NPC’s is an very, very hard work and takes an lot of time, but srsly, give them some more love…

Oh, wow.

Just fucking wow.


[quote=“FunsizeNinja123, post:2, topic:5899”]Oh, wow.

Just fucking wow.

Shh… Ninja, sheathe your anger’s blade.

Rogue, all I can say is that they’re working on it. It’s on their list and all I can say is: Patience.

Well, I see Ninja and the OP use an outright slur (which I DID strike from the NPC vocab lists, a few months ago) in their signatures, so I took a break from merging to talk cookware. Got a huge teakettle and some nice cast-iron pots here.

Speaking of cookware, I bought one of these recently:

Looking forward to actually trying it next weekend.

Yeah, patience is pretty much all I can say. I’ve definitely got plans to eventually have a profanity filter option if you want one, and yes, NPC improvements are planned. It’s just that making NPC’s work right (as in, not crash and properly use the same things the player does) is the priority before making them talk properly, and thus it is the current NPC focus.