NPC commands? Sorting Items

I have started using npc’s to help me kick ass (works pretty good). But I am TERRIBLE at organizing. When I tell one of my npc’s to sort items out in my bunker, he does nothing but follow me around still. lol. Does thing command work?

Did you create the necessary zones and placed the Loot: Unsorted over the items you want sorted?
Does it work if you try to do it yourself; (O)rder action and S(o)rt out my loot?

The zones are created/modified using ‘Y’. As Valase said, you place your unsorted stuff in the Unsorted zone (or paint the zone over it), and then have to define zones for all the types you want sorted.
Once that’s done you can order sorting.

Note that there are a few gotchas:

  • If your character moves too far away from the NPC the bugger decides he’s done and returns to following mode. The range may be the same as the one in the next point.
  • Sorting range seems to be 60 tiles (in each of X the and Y dimensions), so that’s how far away the farthest apart tiles of the zones involved can be located (I think).
  • The game has a maximum volume of stored stuff in tiles. Empty tiles can hold 1000 L according to info someone gave me. while vehicle storage is, naturally, limited to the capacity of that storage. I believe built stuff, like bookcases and cupboards, have some volume capacity as well. Once the limit is reached the NPC is claimed to have sorted everything, with no indication that the destination was full.
  • The game has a maximum number of items in the target tile, set to 4096. If I understand it correctly, (5) Blanket is 5 items, while Nail (1024) is one (stack) item.
  • Moving large piles of non stacking items (such as rags) take one move action per item, which can take a lot of time. This isn’t tied to the zone system, but is valid in general.

Given the target location size restrictions, you may want to plan to use sorted zones larger than a single tile for the types where you think you’ll accumulate a large volume (“spare parts” is full in my case, and I’d expect vehicle parts tiles to fill up quickly).

ok yea wow, it would seem this is much more involved than I thought LOL.