How does the Unload Containers Zone work?

Title says it, the description doesn’t reveal the way to me. It would be really useful because I have a very bad case of “forgetting to turn on the fridge, and now everything is rotten”, pain.

I’m also trying to auto unload conatiners then sort the unloaded stuff.

I have an unsorted zone which feeds into food zone, drinks zone, etc., and importantly a container zone.
I set an unload zone on the container zone and also an unsorted zone on the container zone.
I made a custom zone on top of the original unsorted zone.
I did something similar with a custom wallet zone.
Neither the container zone nor the wallet zone unload their stuff.
How am I supposed to do this?
I’m nervous about causing a big chemical spill too.

edit: I selected yes when asked about always unloading, even if the container has a valid sorting location.

I have moved the unload and unsorted spots to adjacent tiles then manually moved the once sorted items to those spots before running the zones again. This works, so it seems that the problem is that the items are just looped around before they are unloaded.

A nice feature for zones would be a zone that automatically moves items to an adjacent tile or a feature that sends items back for sorting one time.

With the wallets, some items are still in them. (specifically, they are non-currency shopper cards.) I think they may be getting unloaded and then reentering the wallets but I am not sure.

Another cool zone would be a zone that marks everything in it as no-auto-pickup.

This topic I’ve figured out a long time ago. But Unloading has its own choice when you press O, I just tend to out it in as a Personal Zone and select put it under my feet.