Autosorting Not Working in vehicle

I have a bunch of containers setup for literally everything on the list, and it sorts SOME of my stuff, bu other stuff it leaves behind. For instance I have a custom sort for batteries on a container and on that same container I have also Tools and Bionics. It doesn’t bother to move the tools or bionics at all, just sorts other stuff then tells me it’s done. Does this with some other categories on other spaces too! Anyone know why? Anyway to fix it??

As far as I know, it does only use/consider the first zone in the list. If you have overlapping zones, it will ignore all the others for that tile, even if the zone higher in the list is deactivated.

A quick and dirty solution is to sort it once, open the zone manager and move the first zone on that tile to the bottom of the list (with +), sort again, move the next one, and so forth…
Is a bit tiresome if you haul a lot of loot home every day, but it works.

@Valase so the system sucks for vehicles for some reason? Pretty sure I never had so much difficulty with stationary bases.

No, it’s a problem of the system itself. It ignores all overlapping tiles, not only in vehicles.
Also, I’ve just verified, it goes from top to bottom, and disabling does not only not work, it also ignores that state if there’s an other zone active on top of it. To my knowledge, this applies to all zones of the same type, for example you can place a Construction: Blueprint outside to Remove Grass and add a Construction: Blueprint with Build Door over(lapping) it, move it higher up and [d]isable it, save the zones and then set the [O]rder to constru[c]t plots and watch it build Doors where they overlap (given you have the materials for it or the Debug Hammerspace Mutation).

I’ll correct my statement above: Instead of [d]isabling the previous sorting zone, you’ll have to move it up/down with + and -.

Then you never had overlapping zones in your bases…

This bug is in the game since a long time… for more than 5 months at least.
Or, to be more precise: Since over 4 months, 2 weeks, 5 days, 7 hours and 56 minutes… 57 minutes…
(most certainly longer, as I’ve remember having these problems back in February, but I can’t say for sure, since I’ve lost access to that save file around the time the lockdown started here in Switzerland and was since unable to reach it).

Well you can’t change the order for vehicle bound parts for whatever reason, so it sounds like this whole system needs an overhaul. It seems to sometimes work when I disable one item provided I actually don’t have any of that item in the Unsorted location.

@Valase I just realized the rather short time frame you mentioned, I’ve been coming back to this game on and off for years, so if it’s new within months then some of my bases likely did have overlap. I often for instance use a locker for guns/ammo because I feel like they should be in a locker together.