"Nothing", or shreded reality. Strange but not so rare map anomaly

I have noticed that sometimes there is strange map areas. If you walk into them, everything around starts looking like “patterned” or mirrored several times. And terrain indicator reads “nothing”. Also, if you look at the map, there may be no character shown, or disappeared note markers, or no mapped terrain at all…

Here we go, one of those places.

Seconded. I used to get this on large map areas (pre-DDA) but these days it happens in small patches.

Question for devs: do we need some data on this? If so, then what i could do to gather it? Still have that zone on my map marked. Could do “debug run” or something…

Appreciate the offer, but it’s rather easy to reproduce by teleporting to the nearest overmap border.

This is my primary focus right now, I thought this damn bug was DEAD >:(

Holy crap it was, this bug was introduced far in the paleolithic past with 159ecaae4350067d86ca1c0830b4fbf747e410b and it’s a matter of moving a ‘}’ down like 10 lines, should be able to fix/test/commit tonight.

I’ve fixed this bug TWICE and the fix keeps getting lost somehow >:(

The Kraken is hacking DDA.

Beware of the mirrors! :smiley: And thank you!

not as easy to crack as I thought at first, but I’m still working on it.


You mean?